Anna Daan

In Hinduism, the magnificence of good cause is boundless and good cause has an extraordinary importance. Food gift is an extraordinary gift. Also, as indicated by the sacred writings, in the event that there is any greatest gift, it is food gift. This world is made of food, or at least, from food every one of the manifestations of the world are kept up with. Food is the main thing on the planet that fulfills the body as well as our spirit. To that end it is said in the sacred writings that to give something, then, at that point, give food. We get a ton of advantage by giving food. This prompts the achievement of ideals.

Anna daan Mahadan sona chandi aadha daan (Grain gift is extraordinary gift where Gold Silver is Half Gift)

Nobody in world ought to rest hungry. We ought to come to take care of hungry individuals in world. Hence brahm baba trust has found a way to take care of vaishnav sadhu holy person and mata ji living in shri Vrindavan who petition God for us all at bhajanashram, close to Yamuna, nidhivan and we ought to satisfy their longing by contributing towards the prasadam and proportion dissemination done in Shree Vrindavan Dham so we can get gift of ruler krishna. As per your means you can decided to take care of 20, 30 or upto 500 brijwasis vaishnav sadhu holy person and mata ji and receive the extraordinary reward of having performed Vaishnav annadan seva in Vrindavan.

Staple Unit Appropriation Sewa in SBBMK Trust

Anna Dan Sewa in SBBMK Trust

Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust was established on revering the cow, an image of life. The mission is to secure and really focus on all unwanted cows, independent old enough, orientation, or state of being.

India has a populace of 1.25 billion individuals, providing us with a gauge of north of 200 million cows. Nonetheless, there are countless deserted cows in the city (assessed at around 450,000) that bite the dust consistently without food or sanctuary. This is something that should be handled right away.

Significance of cow in Hinduism

The cow possesses a significant spot in Hinduism. Hindus accept that the cow is an image of riches. It gives us milk which is a significant piece of our eating regimen. Cows are likewise shielded in sanctuaries since they are believed to be heavenly creatures since they give us such a significant asset.

Giving cow food (annadan) is viewed as a heavenly movement, which tragically has likewise prompted the ascent of cow relinquishment in the country. In any case, this is the sort of thing that we are handling at Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust. You can without much of a stretch settle on Vaishnav annadan Seva in Vrindavan at our trust, and we will offer food for your benefit to an unwanted cow. You can undoubtedly purchase Staple Pack Dissemination Vrindavan and serve the cows that are under our consideration. We additionally do Vaishnam Sadhu Sewa Vrindavan.

Save a cow with only a single tick

Brahm Baba Trust needs to help these creatures by giving food to them so they can make due and quit being disregarded by society. With even a little gift, you’ll assist with taking care of a creature out of luck!

Give food and realize you’re accomplishing something great

It doesn’t take a lot to have an effect – even a little commitment will save the existences of these neglected cows, and your gift will be charge deductible! Furthermore, you’ll get intermittent updates on how your gift is having an effect.

Accomplishing something great has never been more straightforward

We’ve made it simple for you to give cash with only a single tick – you should simply interface with us and pay through Paytm, UPI, and Charge/Mastercard.

Still have inquiries about our trust, or would you say you will chip in with us? Interface with us on our help helpline whenever the timing is ideal.